A Remembrance

And suddenly, it's September 11th again. I made a couple attempts to contact publications. One editor responded, saying he was only interested in contemporary events. Another put it most succinctly: the 14th anniversary is not a significant one. As my close friend Tom Fitzgerald just said, "Tell that to a family member." In a very small way of commemorating the day, here are a few words from a young woman, Kamila Milewska, who lost her brother Lukasz in the attacks:

"I can't understand why I'm dreaming about Lukasz all the time. But I was dreaming about him so many times, so many nights. I remember one dream that when I woke up, I felt calm, because during the dream, my brother was so happy. Everything was green and blue. It was in the forest. All the next day I was just smiling all the time. I was just smiling. I liked this dream, because I am so afraid that some day I will... well, not forget about my brother, but it will be not the same. Because now I remember him clearly: his eyes, his mouth, everything."